Professional team development
Senior software customization development enterprise, providing technical support for product production and quality
Professional team development
Senior software customization development enterprise, providing technical support for product production and quality
Intelligent upgrade
Creating a new ecosystem for the digital industry and helping to achieve a digital management model for enterprises
Mature technical framework
Having more framework systems to provide more suitable technologies for your products
Provide multi industry solutions
Serve more than 1k+ customers with sincerity and professionalism, and provide solutions of applet+official account+software APP+H5 marketing activities+system+brand marketing official website
E-commerce | Catering | Retail
Software customization development
E-commerce mini program Taobao Second Floor Customization Mall site Smart Canteen Software Development Canteen mini program Meal reporting mini program Smart stall Used car auction system
Culture | Tourism | Advertising
Software customization development
Travel photo H5 Travel mini program Answering mini program Smart Exhibition Mini Program Material Advertising Quotation App hotel management system Development of cultural media websites Tourism app development Advertising customization mini program
Medical Aesthetics | Education | Health
Software customization development
Psychological counseling mini program Education mini program Outpatient appointment registration system Community app Campus Asset Management System Video live streaming mini program Electric Energy Measurement Simulation Training System Cosmetics Mall Mini Program
Finance | Energy | Manufacturing
Software customization development
Smart express cabinet mini program Party building mini program Smart Property Meal reporting mini program Park website development Real estate service mini program Party building management system Ordering and delivery mini program Smart Park Management System
Live | Other | Comprehensive
Software customization development
Smart administrative office Live exhibition Information matching platform Customized Smart Archives Customization of OA system Customization of paperless conference system Software Development Mini program development
Industry Success Cases of Serving Massive Customers
Good user feedback, mature technology applications, and a comprehensive service system provide protection for the enterprise
  • Mobile custom
  • Web custom
  • Internet of Things
  • Enterprise Customization
  • A mobile application specifically designed to help users rent mobile phones or smartphones without the need to purchase them. This type of application typically provides a platform where renters and lessors can easily communicate, communicate, and complet
    An application that provides cooperation opportunities for merchants and distributors, allowing distributors to promote and sell merchant products
    Local online store to store service and offline door-to-door service, taking the style and various photo series you need.
    City dating provides service functions such as message reminders, real avatars, adding search friends, chatting and leaving messages, and manual review.
  • Provide a convenient and reliable platform for venue rental and event participation, promoting maximum utilization of the venue and successful hosting of various types of events.
    The Architecture Chat GPT Intelligent Q&A Website is an online intelligent Q&A platform designed specifically for the field of architecture. It aims to provide architects, designers, engineers, students, and anyone interested in architecture and related t
    Meet the maintenance and cleaning needs of users and provide reliable and convenient solutions. Users can easily diagnose problems, choose appropriate repair or cleaning services, and track the progress of services to ensure the normal operation of periph
  • Provide comprehensive recruitment, training, and human resource management solutions for job seekers and employers to meet the needs of the modern labor market.
    A comprehensive museum management tool used to coordinate and monitor various operations and exhibition activities within the museum, providing a better visitor experience and resource management.
    Fire emergency response, resource scheduling, equipment management and data analysis, tracking the location of firefighting vehicles, personnel, and equipment to better allocate resources
  • A comprehensive software designed to help beauty salons, beauty centers, and hair salons efficiently manage customer information, service appointments, inventory, sales, and marketing, thereby providing an excellent customer experience and improving busin
    A powerful and user-friendly backend management system for managing venue rental and event hosting to provide secure and efficient operations and data management.
Why choose CQYuyi?
SSince its establishment in 2022, CQYuyi Software has been formed by a team of innovation and dreams, obtaining licenses from icp and edi, demonstrating its professional capabilities in the software field. It has served over 1k customers, demonstrating its service quality and solid guarantee.
Since its establishment in 2022, CQYuyi Software has been composed of a group of young and middle-aged people who are committed to innovation and have lofty dreams. The company has excellent performance and excellent reputation, with icp and edi licenses. At the same time, the Yuyi software development team has sufficient experience in responding to network attacks, and has solutions and capabilities in preventing network violence attacks such as DOS and CC, as well as SQL injection, which fully proves its professional ability in the software field. The cumulative number of customers served is 1k, and the technical team has more than ten years of development experience.
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